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Personal Pages about Astrid Lindgren

Jane Foo's AL Appreciation Site
An EXCELLENT site with lots of information
Remembering Pippi
An essay by a Pippi-appreciator
The Unofficial Astrid Lindgren Homepage
This site has a very nice guestbook
Astrid Lindgren by Drusie Shehan
An Astrid Lindgren essay; part of the Children's Author Pages
Astrid Lindgren
A nice site with a lot of interesting facts
Astrid Lindgren
This site is in Danish
Pippi Longstocking
A WONDERFUL Pippi site
The Nobel Prize to Astrid Lingren!
Another page with a "give the Nobel to Astrid" petition

Swedish Sites Commemerating Astrid Lindgrens 90th Birthday

Grattis Astrid Lindgren!!!!!!
A Swedish site
Grattis Astrid Lindgren
A Swedish site
Barnbiblioteket - Astrid Lindgren Ustallning
A Swedish site
Astrid Lindgren
A Swedish site. So many NEW pictures! Even if you don't speak Swedish, look at this site!

Web Sites of Companies

Astrid Lindgren's World
A Swedish theme park
An Astrid Lindgren museum
Gammafon (only in Swedish)
Here Astrid Lindgren read selections of her books (only in Swedish)
Raben & Sjogren
This Swedish publisher's Astrid site (only in Swedish)
Give Astrid Lindgren the Nobel Prize NOW!
Go and sign this petition!
My Cow Wants to Have Fun
The official website of Astrid Lindgren's campaign to give animals better treatment