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New Karlsson Film!

I read from the Kirchgruppe's (Kirchgruppe is a German film company) web page that they are in the process of making an animated film based on the Lindgren book called "Karlsson on the Roof." The movie is also to have its own TV series. The film is part of a new series of films entitled "The Animated World of Astrid Lindgren" (the Pippi Longstocking animated film was also part of this series). I am sorry to say that although Karlsson is a FABULOUS book, I doubt that the movie will be translated into English because the book has been out of print in the English-speaking world for some time. If you can find the book in used book shops or at the library, I encourage you to read it! In fact, it is probably one of my favorite Astrid Lindgren books of all time.

NEWS! Section

Welcome to the NEWS! section of The Astrid Lindgren Association web page. On this page will be displayed all news of anything pertaining to Astrid Lindgren and her works. If you have any news please contact me from the contact information found on the main page.

New Pippi Book

A new Pippi book is coming out in September called "Pippi Goes to School." I was talking to Michael Chesworth, the illustrator of the book (he also illustrated the covers of the three Pippi books, and totally illustrated The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking and Pippi's After Christmas Party) and he told me that it was actually just one of the chapters of Pippi Longstocking that they are making into a picture book. It is part of a new series called The Pippi Longstocking Storybooks. I was able to find a picture of the cover which is to the left.