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Pippi Longstocking

Welcome to The Astrid Lindgren Association's Pippi Page!

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Pippi Longstocking is definitely Astrid Lindgren's most famous and popular book character. In fact, Pippi Longstocking is the twelfth most translated book in the world. She has her own books, movies, plays, TV shows, a comic strip, dolls, and web pages. As you might know she is the strongest, smartest, happiest, and most fun girl in the world and a friend of all the world's children.

We would like to express our appreciation to Christin Gahstrom, who answered our request for pictures of Pippi from the 1940's movie. Below is one of the pictures she gave me. It is a poster from the movie. She has also told us that the person who played Pippi in this movie was 26 years old at the time!

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